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"Domenica or the diabolic of Art"


In the 1960s, the affair Lacaze makes the news: Domenica Walter-Guillaume, the fantastically wealthy widow of the collector of art Paul Guillaume and of the industrialist Jean Walter, would have tried to murder her foster son, helped by his brother and her lover … This delicate legal case ends in a dismissal of the charges. At the same time, Domenica Walter-Guillaume gives in to the French State, by a donation-sale, a collection of which she inherited from her first husband and enriched by the second. 145 masterpieces make up one of the most important collections of modern art in Europe, recognized as the most representative of the art of the XXth century and exposed since 1984 to the museum of the Orangery.

Documentary France Télévision 2010
Directed by Yvon Gérault and Jérémie Cuvillier
52 mn
Distribution France 5

"The Legends of black music part 1"

From Louis Armstrong to Michaël Jackson, via James Brown, Duke Ellington or Billie Holliday, the Afro-American music knew how to thwart the sufferings and the injustices related to the skin color and blow a creative wind on all the world popular culture.

Documentary Mondomix 2014
Directed by Jérémie Cuvillier
52 mn
Distribution France Ô

"The Legends of black music part 2"


The Afro-American music never stopped travelling worldwide. By its round trips in every corner of continents, it gave birth to so many outbreaks of major musical expression.

Documentary Mondomix 2014
Directed by Jérémie Cuvillier
52 mn
Distribution France Ô

"DURASONG, Indien ghosts of Marguerite Duras"


The identity and the motivations of Jean-Marc de H., the Vice-consul of France to Lahore, are shady. For what reasons did he suddenly commit these murders, fire blindly at the lepers who came to rest at night in the gardens of Shalimar? Eric Vigner puts on for the theater an adaptation of India Song by Marguerite Duras. That takes place in India, with Indian actors, on the scene originally chosen by the author. A journey as a dialogue, a literary and artistic experiment undoubtedly « durassienne ».

Documentary La Compagnie des Indes 2013
Directed by Jérémie Cuvillier
60 mn


A journey at the origins of a lineage. It happened in 1916, love as an answer to death. The life at the price of the shame.

Short movie realized within the framework of Nikon Film festival 2013
Directed by Jérémie Cuvillier

"The Library"

In the basements of an abandoned hospital, a small group of psychiatrists undertakes the rescue of a psychiatric library threatened to disappear.

Documentary 2013
Directed by Jérémie Cuvillier

"The winds of Reggae"


A diving in the world of contemporary reggae, to understand how this musical style continues to irradiate the artists of the whole world. This journey brings us from France to Jamaica, ending in Africa, ground of the origins.

Documentary Theorem 2015
Directed by Jérémie Cuvillier
52 mn
Distribution France Ô


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