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Yann-Gaël wrote the music of the last of Andi Rubinstein’s show. A woman, an ironing board, a pile of diapers, and it’s a whole world of invented characters that comes to life under our eyes!

By the willow (United-States)

Adaptation of a Rumanian traditional  tale, By the Willow, is a puppet show for adults by the Foreign Landscapes company (USA), of whom Yann-Gaël wrote and interpreted the music.

The show went on 9 tours between 2004 and 2013, in the United States, Canada, Central America and Brazil.

It received the “Outstanding Original Work Award” of the ” Ottawa Fringe Festival ” (June, 2004), was elected ” highlight of the New England Regional Puppetry Festival ” (July 2004) and received the “UNIMA citation of excellent” (2004 ) – the highest distinction in which a puppet show can aspire in the United States.

Conception: Faye Dupras and Andi Rubinstein
Direction: Julie Goell
Original music: Yann-Gaël Poncet


“Puppetry can be beautiful in the right hands, and there are moments in this show from the company Foreign Landscapes that are spellbinding. The sets and costumes are among the most beautiful at this year’s Fringe Festival…In the best scene, a billowing skirt is transformed magically into rocky waves, and then into a screen for shadow puppetry.
Adding carefully chosen musical textures, musician Yann-Gael Poncet performs on violin, guitar and other instruments.”
Steven Mazey, The Ottawa Citizen, June 2004


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